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Ready for outcall service to your hotel, home, apartment, condominium, hospital, court or venue of sports 

Female massage therapist 


Peggy  (51 Year Old, 170 Cm,  55 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Good



Sari  (28 Year Old, 160 Cm,  47 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Very Good


Jenny  (29 Year Old, 155 Cm,  45 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Very Good


The real   HANA

I have fired her because of customers extracting.  I am very sorry for all customers who had been extracted. Actually I just want to help people to earn a living, but not all people in this world have good attitude to make good stuffs. Pardon me please. 


Rini  (25 Year Old, 155 Cm,  42 Kg)   Massage Skill:  Good


Asih  (29 Year Old, 160 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Good 


Yuly  (35 Year Old, 165 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Good

If you want to book Ms. Yuly just  contact her at +6282123447661 or +622197006590



Imas  (25 Year Old, 162 Cm,  49 Kg) Massage Skill:  Very Very Good 



Shasa  (27 Year Old, 155 Cm,  49 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very  Very Good



Novi  (24 Year Old, 162 Cm,  45 Kg)  Massage Skill: Good 



Maya (45 Year Old, 155 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Very Good  


Vita (31 Year Old, speaks English and Chinese)


Muscle knots    Bad breath    Smelly vagina

Knee problems   Insomnia   Sports Injuries    Jet lag

Female massage therapists above just can do Swedish massage, Javanese massage (Indonesian traditional massage / full body massage) for relaxation

Rate: IDR 400,000  (USD 40) for 2 hours of massage service including transportation cost

If you want to order the service just send your message by SMS at 08128557059  (+628128557059)

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 Male massage therapist 

James Lee  24 y.o.  180 cm   72 kg



Adin   25 y.o.   165 cm  53 kg



Ardy  30 y.o.   175 cm  75 kg


Rudy  23 y.o.   175 cm  50 kg


Muscle knots    Bad breath    Smelly vagina

Knee problems   Insomnia   Sports Injuries    Jet lag


Male massage therapists above just can do relaxation massage (full body massage, Javanese massage or Indonesian traditional massage). And they are ready just for outcall service to your hotel, apartment, condominium, home, etc. 

Rate: IDR 400,000  (USD 45) for 2 hours of massage service including transportation cost

If you want to order the service just send your message by SMS at 08128557059  (+628128557059)

Whatsapp: +6281281360765   Email:

Feel the magic of massage!

The miracle is in you!


Michael Jackson would not has been dead too soon if he had known that medication is not the only solution for human health problems!


This picture would not has been displayed if David Beckham had known the best way to avoid a severe  Achilles tendon injury. He would not has lost his big dream and opportunity to play for England national team for FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, if he had known the best way to keep his tendons to stay elastic and flexible.  However, who cares about it?  Perhaps nobody. Neither big fans of England national team nor David Beckham himself. Yes, I am really so pessimistic.

So many people out there still do not know and realize that human body basically has amazing capability to recover from many kinds of troubles and illnesses (I  named it self-healing capability). And massage undoubtedly is the most effective way to stimulate and accelerate this amazing capability to work optimally. With the touch of a master of massage you will know that massage is really a magic. Unfortunately, in reality  so many masseuses or masseurs are too stupid to show that magic. No wonder, people in general cannot gain the real benefits of it, and still tend to choose medical efforts to solve their health problems. Instead of increasing human body  self-healing capability, in fact many medical efforts breaking it down. That is why people really hard to get rid of serious health problems such as cancers, diabetic complications, heart attack, heart diseases, kidneys failure, osteoarthritis (arthritis of joints), liver failure, stroke attack, brain malfunctions, breathing failure (respiratory failure), and many others.


The real best massage therapist in the world

Domicile in Jakarta - Indonesia


I exist to show the world that massage is a magic which people really need in their lives. For this reason I never give up, although I often disappointed to find that so many people still close their eyes for the truth, and tend to live in stupidity and misery. Yeah, you may lie to yourself, but you really need to know that you will receive the impact by yourself, good or bad in your own life.  You know that many people around you are wasting their lives (and big money as well) and suffering from many kinds of illnesses just because they are too stupid in solving their health problems. Yet they are too stubborn to admit this stupidity, until they bring it along into their coffins. Hopefully, you are not including stupid group. 

If you want to enjoy massage just for relaxation, it is me that you need. But if you think that massage is just for relaxation, indeed, you are far from being smart.

If you want to get rid of really bad tiredness, jet lag, or insomnia (sleep disturbance), it is me that you need. Never consider really bad tiredness, jet lag, or insomnia is an easy problem. Letting your body undergoes this condition will risk you losing immunity, so that you will be easily infected by many kinds of infectious microorganisms, which in turn will make you suffer from many kinds of infectious illnesses. 

If you have migraine, really bad headache, or vertigo, it is me that you need. Never consider this condition is normal. Besides you will lose productivity and opportunity to achieve the best in life, maybe it is the early warning from your body that bigger trouble such as stroke and even heart attack will happen to you eventually. 

If you have been suffering from back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulders pain, muscular pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so on, it is me that you need. You may have been treated by many experts, but if you do not feel better, you are really a big fool if you keep holding on. For these kinds of problems, you will get significant differences even after receiving my first treatment. 

If you have been suffering from high blood pressure problem, and have been bored to take pills everyday, it is me that you need. It is very important to have a normal blood pressure to make sure our vital organs such as heart, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes, and so on, keep healthy for a lifetime. 

A really bad flu maybe will not make you die. But believe me, you will lose your valuable days for nothing. You just need me to feel significant differences, so that you will easily recover from a really bad flu in a comfortable way. 

Definitely, there are so many human health problems which can be recovered by massage therapy, whereas other methods have been proven ineffective. It happens as long as human body is possible to be given massage therapy (I realize that it is not always possible to give massage to human body for some conditions). You need to know that human body basically has amazing capability to recover from many kinds of troubles and illnesses. I do massage just to stimulate and accelerate this amazing capability to work optimally to produce healing processes in human body, by effective and correct ways for sure. 

How can I claim to be the best massage therapist in the world? Besides I know that I have been blessed with such a big talent (I believe that I was born to be a master of massage and my approach is very different from the others in this world), I have never been a stagnant in improving my skills. My experiences always make me more skillful and mature. Basically, I am a critical person, always think logic. It is true that I had never learnt in a massage school alike in Western. But you really need to know that having a certificate is not a guarantee that the holder really has good capability. It must be proven in reality. You may believe it or not that I have never failed in delivering benefits from my massage service. It is because I just do something that I know that I am capable for it. Yes, it should be a must that all experts know their limits, so that they will not risk their clients, especially just for a reason to get money. It is a shame and a crime against humanity! 

If you ladies and gentlemen get used to be handled by a female massage therapist, and think that only a female can do good massage, you are really far from being smart.  You will find that I have a capability to do good massage, even much better, because I have the capacity of Mozart when he created his great songs, the capacity of Leonardo da Vinci when he made his magnificent, the capacity of Andrea Bocelli when he performs his hits, the capacity of Diego Maradona when he played his game. Doing massage is my all. I really proud to be a massage therapist. I have decided to give my all for this profession, so that the world will know that massage is really an advantageous thing for humanity. I enjoy seeing my clients get benefits from my service. Above all, I do not work just for a reason to get money!

As a master of massage, I know how to handle all types of clients with their specific needs and problems. My massage will be fit for an iron man, and will not make a baby cry.     

Really, there are so many human health problems which can be easily recovered by massage therapy which I did not mention in details on this website. So, if you have any  health problems which cannot be helped by doctors, please send your email. I will consider it if I could help you to solve these problems. I will answer your email in detail logic explanations about the possibilities of them to be solved.


Why is massage so beneficial?

I want to ask you just a simple question. If your head unintentionally collides with hard thing, what will you do first? No matter who you are, a king or just a common people, you will do the same as all people in this world will do: instinctively you will rub down the painful area gently, and then the pain will be relieved soon.

It is the basic of massage: human touch. Human body is undoubtedly designed to be responsive to human touch.  Digging deep into benefits of human touch will lead you to this reality: How amazing human touch is! How amazing massage is! Only the fools dispute it! 


Why is massage until at present not developed into a proper shape so that all people admit to it and at the same time use it as an alternative way to keep their health and to heal their illnesses as well?

In Indonesia doing massage is not including respectable professions.  It can be said that almost all of people of this profession are forced to do it because of many reasons and backgrounds which limit them in choosing other professions. They do not care about professionalism. They work without an eager in their minds to make their clients satisfied. They do not care whether their massage service will bring benefits or not. Really terrible! What can we hope from stupid people like this? 

So the first answer to big question above is that most people of this profession are too stupid to prove that massage is really an advantageous thing. 

A simple example of this sort of stupidity: almost all of them keep an opinion that an extraordinary pain during a massage session is a common and normal. I had ever tried a massage and I warned the masseur because his massage was so painful and could not be enjoyed at all, and his answer was really shocking “If you do not want to feel pain do not take a massage session”. Why do not they think that massage can be done without torture their clients, and it can be done tenderly so that their clients will feel that massage is really comfortable? 

Based on theory of reflexology it is stated that all human health problems can be diagnosed from certain points of palm of the foot, and at the same time can be cured by massaging these certain points. How silly it is!  How can we develop massage into a better shape with irrational and stupid theory like this? 

There are many books of massage which giving impression as being systematic but actually contain misleading opinions. I quoted one among others from a book written by a famous alternative-healing expert in Indonesia (he occasionally does massage in his treatment). He said that a patient with fever is prohibited from getting a massage. And this opinion can be found on many sources on internet also (especially from Western). In fact my experiences show something so different. It can be said that massage is the best way to help a patient with fever to get better. I have never found patients with fever get worse after taking a massage session. In fact massage will comfort patients with fever so that they can sleep deeply. Good sleep (both quantity and quality) is very crucial for human body to accelerate self-healing process.

The second answer to big question above is that doctors in many ways have been successfully indoctrinating people's minds about this:  Doctor is the only trustworthy person for everything related to human health. No wonder, people in general cannot see this reality fairly that not only proven ineffective, many medical treatments in fact are too dangerous. How strong this indoctrination is! No wonder, most people cannot see anything out there which really advantageous just because doctors do not approve it.

Doctors often reveal misleading opinions about massage. I quoted an opinion from a famous doctor who specializes in sports in Indonesia. He said that massage is not recommended to be given shortly after an injury occurs. And he recommends cold treatment, a recommendation which effectiveness of it can be questioned. My experiences show that massaging the injured area will help it to recover just in a short duration of time, provided the patient is not suffering from broken bone. 

There is an opinion that patient with osteoarthritis cannot be treated with massage. In fact my experiences show a proper massage is very effective to overcome this kind of problem, provided the patient is not suffering from bone structure disorder.  

I have given massage treatment in hospitals on some occasions, and obviously doctors and paramedics showed dislike. Actually, massage treatment is a must because in many cases medical treatments have been proven ineffective to help patients, whereas effectiveness of massage is undisputed. 

And the biggest tragedy is patients and their families also are too stupid to realize that massage really has many benefits. I have experienced it countless times.

I had ever given treatment to Mrs.X, around 60s, pretty fat, who had suffered from osteoarthritis on her knees for years. She had been treated by some doctors (coincidentally, one of her relative is a specialist for this kind of problem), which had been proven ineffective.  Desperately because this problem had bothered her life for years, she tried my treatment. It just took 2 times of massage session with 3 days interval to solve her problem, and she was very grateful. Then, on some occasions she called me to take relaxation massage with 1 to 3 months interval. Someday when I was doing relaxation massage she said something shocking me too much “Oh yeah Mr. Jo, my knees problem has gone away, and now I am feeling pain at my fingers. I am still taking treatment (she referred to her relative who is a specialist)”.  I just kept silent to witness her stupidity. It was clear enough that I had successfully helped her to recover from years of knees osteoarthritis, she could not think that it was just too easy for me to do the same with her fingers. 

On other occasion I had ever given treatment to Mr.Y, who had suffered from stroke attack caused by high blood pressure for around a year with left side organs disorder. He had been taking treatment intensively from some specialists, which showed disappointed result. Mr.Y was a CEO of a state owned company and a doctoral candidate at Bogor Agricultural Institute. It was just 2 weeks before his open dissertation defense when his wife called me to try my treatment. I agreed to give treatment 3 times weekly, 2 hours each, with compromised fee. My challenge was to make sure Mr.Y would be strong enough to pass the special moment of his life. To me, this challenge was just too easy. My experiences show that the best way to overcome high blood pressure problem is by massaging the patient thoroughly with a proper tension. Overcoming high blood pressure problem is a key to avoid stroke attack caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure is related to blood vessels condition. Aging mixed with many factors will make blood vessels less elastic. Massaging human body thoroughly with a proper tension will make blood vessels more elastic, and it will overcome high blood pressure problem effectively. 

Because I always do my job with high sense of responsibility, I increased duration of massage an hour longer without an intention to be paid more (maybe Mr.Y and his family did not notice this) because 2 weeks was not a long period of time, and it was my pride to make sure Mr.Y would be fit enough for his open dissertation defense. As I believed, this effort had been proven successful. At the next treatment after his open dissertation defense Mr.Y proudly said to me during the treatment that after the open dissertation defense his colleagues congratulated him and some of them commented “ Yeah, Mr.Y, you look so fresh, not like a sick (from stroke attack) one”. None of grateful from him and his family for this big success, although it was not important for me, really. After his open dissertation defense I gave him 4 times more treatment (twice weekly). On 5th week I decided to resign, because I was reckoned to be fail by his wife, and if I wanted it, therapy could be done just once weekly. Something that made me so irritated! She said that his husband had been weakening especially in the afternoon after office hours. I debated her how could her husband get stronger with bad nutrients he had been taking for so long (Mr.Y was on a tight diet program designed by a medical expert) whereas he was still doing his job and facing hours of terrible traffic jam in Jakarta. I just thought the diet program was so irrational, and I had suggested Mr.Y to increase his meal portion significantly. Yeah, I realize, an argument from a person of massage profession is nothing if compared to an opinion of a medical expert. 

Mr.Y and his family could not see the benefits that I had delivered to him. Fresh condition during his open dissertation defense (you need to know that at first time I met him, Mr.Y was so traumatic, because he had experienced recurrent stroke attack during a year of treatment which supervised tightly by doctors) and normal blood pressure (something had never occurred for many years even by usage of many kinds of medicines) were not enough to make them realize that my massage was really advantageous. What can I say? 

Didn't you think this for a comparison?  Even Chris John (Indonesian World Boxing Association Featherweight Champion) who has been training hard for many years, and relatively always in good health condition, is still not able to increase his power significantly (proven by he does not have a killing punch yet). How could a stroke patient who had been taking ineffective treatment for a year be normal just in a month? It was very impossible. 

You need to know that a patient of stroke attack who takes ineffective treatment will lose a great deal of muscular cells, continued by losing its power quickly, and then causing organs disorder. To bring back a normal condition, it will take a long period of time, and it absolutely will need a strong eager from the patient to keep practicing hard. And massage therapy is aimed to speed up the recovery, but it will not be effective if the patient is too lazy to practice. It will be so different if massage therapy is done at early time of a stroke attack, something that doctors reject too much. I have some experiences with patients of stroke attack, they got better just in a short period of time because they had been treated with massage earlier.