Massage service in Jakarta, Indonesia, by female and male therapist

Ready for outcall service to your hotel, home, apartment, condominium, hospital, court or venue of sports 

Female massage therapist 

Cancer?  Stroke?  

Heart  problems?   Sport  injury? 

Other serious health problems?  

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Peggy  (51 Year Old, 170 Cm,  55 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Good



Sari  (28 Year Old, 160 Cm,  47 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Very Good


Jenny  (29 Year Old, 155 Cm,  45 Kg)   Massage Skill: Very Very Good 


Rini  (25 Year Old, 155 Cm,  42 Kg)   Massage Skill:  Good


Hana 23 Year Old, Massage Skill: Very Good


Wiwik  23 Year Old,   Massage Skill: Very Good



Asih  (29 Year Old, 160 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Good 


Yuly  (35 Year Old, 165 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Good

If you want to book Ms. Yuly just  contact her at +6282123447661 or +622197006590



Imas  (25 Year Old, 162 Cm,  49 Kg) Massage Skill:  Very Very Good 



Shasa  (27 Year Old, 155 Cm,  49 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very  Very Good



Novi  (24 Year Old, 162 Cm,  45 Kg)  Massage Skill: Good 



Maya (45 Year Old, 155 Cm,  50 Kg)  Massage Skill: Very Very Good  


Vita (31 Year Old, speaks English and Chinese)

How to order?

Female massage therapists above just can do Swedish massage, Javanese massage (Indonesian traditional massage / full body massage) for relaxation

Rate: IDR 400,000  (USD 40) for 2 hours of massage service including transportation cost

If you want to order the service just send your message by SMS at 08128557059  (+628128557059)

Whatsapp: +6281281360765   Email:

The real genuine Wild Kopi Luwak in Jakarta

 Male massage therapist 


Ardy  30 y.o.   175 cm  75 kg

Contact number:




Feel the magic of massage!

The miracle is in you!


Michael Jackson would not has been dead too soon if he had known that medication is not the only solution for human health problems!


This picture would not has been displayed if David Beckham had known the best way to avoid a severe  Achilles tendon injury. He would not has lost his big dream and opportunity to play for England national team for FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, if he had known the best way to keep his tendons to stay elastic and flexible.  However, who cares about it?  Perhaps nobody. Neither big fans of England national team nor David Beckham himself. Yes, I am really so pessimistic.

So many people out there still do not know and realize that human body basically has amazing capability to recover from many kinds of troubles and illnesses (I  named it self-healing capability). And massage undoubtedly is the most effective way to stimulate and accelerate this amazing capability to work optimally. With the touch of a master of massage you will know that massage is really a magic. Unfortunately, in reality  so many masseuses or masseurs are too stupid to show that magic. No wonder, people in general cannot gain the real benefits of it, and still tend to choose medical efforts to solve their health problems. Instead of increasing human body  self-healing capability, in fact many medical efforts breaking it down. That is why people really hard to get rid of serious health problems such as cancers, diabetic complications, heart attack, heart diseases, kidneys failure, osteoarthritis (arthritis of joints), liver failure, stroke attack, brain malfunctions, breathing failure (respiratory failure), and many others.